Mediaworks: One month into my apprenticeship

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Following Mediaworks’ most recent apprenticeship intake, digital marketing apprentice Georgie White shares his thoughts on his Mediaworks experience, one month in:

From such a young age, we’re manipulated into thinking that university is the only way we can become successful in life. We’re taught this from our family, friends and our teachers – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In 2017, the amount of opportunities that young people like myself now have has rocketed through UK’s focus on apprenticeships.

I found myself in a bit of a rut when I finished my second year of college in early May. I didn’t know what to do, I was sat with an unconditional offer to study Media and Journalism at Northumbria University but knew in the back of my mind that I wanted an apprenticeship that allowed me to dive straight into the working world. After signing up to many job finder emailing lists and being pushed around by different recruitment agencies, Baltic Training introduced me to a company I could have only dreamt of working for.

I attended an interview at Mediaworks and I hadn’t been more prepared for something in my entire life. I wanted this. I wanted to work at an award-winning digital company that helped businesses become successful online and thankfully, I was chosen to join their company as an apprentice. I haven’t looked back since.

I started with three other people, two of whom were apprentices, so we were all in the same boat. The first day was full of PowerPoint presentations that gave us an introduction to each department – we soon realised that all the departments work closely with one another so that’s probably the reason why the office is open plan!

We were then given a tour of the office and were introduced to each team – and the team that we would be working with. We were mostly aware of the teams that we would be joining by the way our interviews went.

Since joining the copywriting team, I’ve experienced so much. I’ve had the opportunity to attend ideation meetings and contribute my own ideas to client campaigns. I’ve also been able to write my own original pieces for clients. It’s a rewarding feeling when you know that something you created is going to potentially be featured across major publications.

When you’re on a team like mine, you carry out a lot of research. The amount of knowledge I have absorbed about the weirdest things is unbelievable. Did you know that by 2020, 10.5% of homes in the UK will not have gardens? Or that prison inmates spend more time outside than the average child does? It’s pretty fun to know some random facts.

The great thing about working at Mediaworks is that there is always opportunity to learn more. Everyone is willing to invest their time into sharing their knowledge and helping you develop your skills.

Now, when I sit on the bus each morning to get to work and look at all of the other commuters heading to what I assume are regular jobs, I can’t help but think that I’m heading into work and making a difference and genuinely feel part of something big and special. That is why I’m grateful to work for a company like this – it’s a movement that everyone is a part of.

Our other new recruits also shared their thoughts on their time so far at Mediaworks:

Lucy Blackburn, who has joined the Outreach team, said:

Within my first month, I’ve learnt more than I ever imagined I would. I had no idea what to expect but the risk I took was worth it completely. Being on the outreach team means that I’m in contact with editors all day. I’ve found it easy to make friends in the office and I find it a very comforting company with plenty of social events for everyone to join in. I look forward to my future with Mediaworks.”

Rhys Atkinson, who has joined the PPC team, said:

“I am enjoying time here at Mediaworks. I’m learning all about PPC and how it works to promote businesses. It is very interesting to see the time and effort that goes into creating successful campaigns. So far, I have learned a lot and I am looking forward to carrying on my apprenticeship and getting a full-time position here.”

Michaella Fenton, who has joined the Communications team, commented:

“Since starting at Mediaworks, I have been working on a range of different tasks from event planning to organising the company website and social media. Most of my work has been geared towards our upcoming corporate golf day that I look forward to attending this week. I feel like I have fit right into the communications team and everyone in the office has been so friendly and welcoming. I am enjoying every day of work and am excited to continue learning more.”

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