Mediaworks plays Bubble Football

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A brave group of Mediaworkers recently signed up for a game of Bubble Football, with the excitement provided by

Due to the team ranging from regular five-a-side players to those who don’t even watch it on TV never mind playing it, as well as a mix of heights stretching from 6”7 all the way down to 5”1, it was certainly going to be an eventful experience.


On the night, we were split into equal teams for a series of mini tournaments. However, the first challenge was actually getting into the bubble footballs! Once we were secured though, the fun truly began and we were bouncing around the pitch in no time. I would question the amount of actual football that was played mind, but I’m sure it was amusing for the crowd that gathered to watch us all the same.




After a series of ten-minute games, it soon became clear that there was only one winning team — the orange team who just so happened to include our Managing Director Brett Jacobson. They had their tactics spot on from the start, while the rest leapt like salmon around the pitch.


While not on the winning team, our Head of Creative Craig Bradshaw commented: “Who would have thought that the beautiful game could have been made even more beautiful by enveloping every player in a semi-transparent plastic cocoon!

 “I started the match thinking my footballing days would stand me in good stead for bubble football. I couldn’t have been more wrong — my attempts at intricate passing manoeuvres quickly devolved into launching myself orb-first at whoever was in my line of sight — much to my own detriment.

 “That being said, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and it’s definitely a gruelling sport that’s as much fun to watch as it is to play. If you like football, sumo wrestling, bubble wrap, or indeed all three, then you’re in for a treat!”

We are already looking forward to the rematch! Keep an eye on our social media pages to see how that goes, as well as coverage of our other fun and unique social activities including Total Warrior in August!



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