Mediaworks seminar proves The Power of PPC

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Hot on the heels of the success of our SEO breakfast event, Mediaworks has impressed once more with our free paid-search breakfast.

A look at the event


On Tuesday July 22nd at the Toffee Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne, The Power of PPC seminar gave those in attendance the opportunity to enhance their knowledge about search advertising and the Google AdWords portal.

Head of PPC John Cave gave an informative and engaging presentation, before breakfast was served and attendees took advantage of one-to-one sessions. Here, they were able to get advice from John about whether they had set up their paid-search campaigns correctly, if they were being as effective as they could be, and what they could do to improve their approach.

The hot topic

By the end of the event, it was clear that geotargeting PPC campaigns is the hot topic in digital marketing. While it was covered in detail at the seminar, we thought we would provide a recap for those unable to attend.

Think of geotargeting PPC as local PPC: it is an AdWords feature that allows you to display your adverts only to customers within a selected geographic location.

But why limit your campaign to just one area of the country? For one, it enables you to eliminate wasted clicks from individuals outside your target area. Every time this happens, your ad budget is being hit.

Plus, you can talk more freely about your service in relation to a certain area, without the risk of alienating some of your audience.

Geotargeting PPC also enables you to include the most relevant contact details into the content, rather than directing users to the generic contact us page. This could be anything from a phone number to a specific store.

Where are we heading next?

While we don’t have an official date and location for our next event, we still have lots of exciting plans in the works.

Starting in August, we will be running a series of webinars covering a wide range of topics hosted by members of our skilled team.

Of course, we don’t want to bring our themed breakfasts to an end. You can expect plenty of similar events in the future, like our digital marketing buffet, which is in the works for the autumn.

Keep an eye on our blog and social media channels, or sign up to our newsletter, to find out more details about these events. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our Event Manager, Jayne Walsh, on +44 (0) 330 108 4263 or by emailing to find out the latest information.


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