The Mediaworks skill set: Diverse is the word

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Copy to outreach

You might find it surprising to learn that Mediaworks staff have experience of working in multiple departments but, if anything, it’s testament to our broad knowledge base and varied exposure to the world of digital marketing. My personal journey, from graduate intern to trained copywriter, taught me the value of high-quality research and copy, and how important this is to successful outreach. In essence, it put me in good stead for my current role.

Let’s put it another way…

The copy team are the artisan chefs in the bustling kitchen. My fellow outreach colleagues and I are the bow-tied waiters, manoeuvring our way around the hectic and fast-paced dining room that is journalism and PR, doing our utmost to dazzle, impress and — most importantly — get the right dish to the right customer.

My time in the kitchen taught me what makes the cut in such a fast-paced world, giving me the perfect foundation on which to perfect my role in the dining room and best deploy the skills of our talented copy team.

I might have left the world of creative copy and research behind, but I can still be called upon to knock up an inspiring (well, that’s debatable) metaphor.

Diversity of outreach

While it’s tempting to assume that everyone employed in the digital marketing sector is armed with a marketing/business-related degree, that’s by no means the case. And we’re glad, as we believe this wouldn’t produce the same outstanding results that groups of diverse individuals generate.

Each member of the Mediaworks outreach team has their own unique skill set, which is largely a result of their contrasting backgrounds.

While our very own Jenny Adair was laying the foundations of her career with a degree in Marketing at Northumbria University, other members of the team were pursuing different avenues that led them to their roles in the world of SEO.

Beth Dennis, who joined the links team in 2013, graduated with a degree in Commercial Photography from the University of Derby. She now makes waves in the world of brand marketing and considers her academic experience and skill set crucial to her ability to deliver results.

Studying photography was an important part of my creative development and taught me to look at concepts from various angles. Focusing on commercial photography also provided me with insight into the world of brand advertising — knowledge that I still use every day in my role at Mediaworks.

Rebecca Craft, who graduated with a BA Hons in Communications and Media from Bournemouth University, also believes her degree laid valuable foundations.

My academic background brought me into contact with every aspect of journalism and public relations. When I begin a campaign to raise the profile of a client, I use that knowledge to strategise my approach and systematically engage with each of these arenas.

You can see from our career opportunities that we don’t limit our recruitment to graduates with qualifications in marketing. In fact, we value varied experience and providing you’ve got a passion for all things creative search, you’ll find a happy home with us.


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