Delivering a superior mobile experience: key considerations

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We often discuss mobile on our blog, whether it’s Google’s new mobile-first index or the continued rise of smartphones. However, many brands aren’t fully behind mobile simply because their conversion rate on mobile devices is so much lower than desktop.

While this may be true for some brands, it isn’t because mobile simply isn’t compatible with their brand. Rather, it’s often because their website isn’t compatible for mobile. How can you expect mobile conversion rates to be the same or better than desktop if you haven’t invested in your mobile site?

With this in mind, we’ve compiled the following guide for evaluating your existing mobile performance, focusing across three main areas:

Site speed

On average, a page on a mobile site takes 15.3 seconds to load. Despite this, more than half of users will abandon a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load — just a fifth of the average page load time.

Consider too that just a one second delay in load speed can impact conversions by as much as 20% and it’s clear you need to make mobile site speed your priority.  After all, your digital marketing performance could be seriously limited by a problem that lies much closer to home.

Google’s Speed Scorecard can help you establish how your mobile site compares to others in your industry, helping you identify areas of improvement.

From online to non-line

To users, your brand is just your brand. There isn’t a distinction between your brand in-store and your brand online. They are all considered the same and, as such, you need to deliver the same user experience across platforms.

For example, buying in-store is simple; select your product, take it to the cashier and pay. How does your online journey compare? Complicated forms or journey paths are problematic across devices, but especially mobile where users are dealing with limited screen space. Examine how you could simplify the purchase process to increase conversions.

The personal touch

Nowadays, users expect personalisation as standard — so how can you deliver a personalised experience on your mobile site? Consider the landing pages users enter your site via; are they targeted to search intent? By adjusting the landing pages you use based on where in the purchasing funnel a user is, users can find the information they need instantly.

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