Movember at Mediaworks

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Movember has become a yearly staple across the UK and beyond, and this year, many members of the Mediaworks team have support for the Movember Foundation written all over their fuzzy faces. The more hirsute among our ranks joined forces to form a Movember team; they dubbed it The Mediaworks Mo Moes.

The Mediaworks Mo team

Keen to get a head start, the bros of the Mediaworks Mo Moes let their beards grow out for most of October – maximising the potential for fancy facial topiary come November 1st. Opting for a variety of moustaches, the Mo Moes have given the office something to giggle at, while simultaneously raising money and awareness for testicular cancer and other male-associated cancers and health issues.

It has been a fun month with some light fundraising, but the team hopes to supercharge the fundraising for the last few days by levying their Facebook friends and Twitter followers, as well as appealing to their charitable co-workers.

Mediaworks is no stranger to supporting good causes: our charity of choice is Macmillan Cancer Support, and we have organised several fundraising events, such as the zipslide across the Tyne in August and the Macmillan Coffee Morning in September. We also raised money for Children in Need by bringing in old DVDs and CDs, as well as dressing down for a pound. With such a large and growing workforce, there are a lot of opportunities for charity fundraising, so we’re sure our contribution to Macmillan, Movember and other worthy charities will continue to gain mo-mentum!

The Mediaworks Mo Moes in all of their glory:

If anyone would like to donate in recognition of the gallant efforts of the Mediaworks’ gents, you can do so easily on the team’s Movember page.

Steven McGurk (SEO Consultant)

The ‘Dad Tache’

“The bigger my moustache grows, the more I’m advertising Movember’s cause.”


Jonathan Birch (Online Development Consultant)

The ‘Confucius’

“I’ve participated in Movember for the last four years, as the cause is very important to me. Also, being so good-looking felt unfair on the rest of the staff, so I decided to grow the biggest, dirtiest moustache possible in order to level the playing field.”


Graham Dotchin (Finance Director)

The ‘Classic’

“It’s itchy and annoying as hell, but it’s a great cause and only 30 days out of the year.”


Lee Dover (Web Copywriter)

The ‘Beppe’

I decided to put a spin on Movember, with Go-vember – by growing a goatee. I soon got compared to Eastenders’ Beppe di Marco; so I just need to become a north-east lothario in order to complete my transformation.”


Craig Bradshaw (Head of Outreach)

The ‘Fifties’

“As the month progresses, it’s good to give a knowing nod to fellow ‘Mo Bros’ in the street who have also grown moustaches for Movember –  it’s similar to seeing people wearing poppies for Remembrance Day. I think it’s a great way to raise awareness and funds for men’s health, but it’s definitely more enjoyable if you don’t take yourself too seriously while doing it.”


John Hannen (Online Development Consultant)

The ‘Lennon’

“This is my first Movember, and I’m loving it. It’s a good cause and the black, furry caterpillar looks so good that I’ll definitely be keeping it for ages afterwards (not).  Good effort from the other lads though – the boys done good.”


Peter Wright (Content Marketing Copywriter)

The ‘Ginger Guy Fawkes’

“I’ve enjoyed Movember and I’m happy to raise money for charity, but I’m sick of wiping bits of food out of my moustache and pretending it doesn’t hurt when children laugh at me on my way to work.”


John Diomidous (Business Development Executive)

The ‘Flanders’

“Being half Greek-Cypriot, I acquired my moustache at the tender age of four, yet it was never socially acceptable to sport one until now. It’s wonderful that I can raise money for a great cause at the same time.”


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