Moz Introduces A New Domain Authority

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Moz is set to roll out a new Domain Authority — a metric that we live by here at Mediaworks. This figure, which is recognised across the industry, determines how authoritative your website is and whether search engines see it as a credible source for online users.

Domain Authority is measured on a 0 to 100 logarithmic scale. The higher your authority, the better. This is something which can be achieved through SEO, including onsite optimisation and outreach content creation which can be used to build other authoritative links back to your website.

The changes we can expect

Moz has always relied on training Domain Authority against a large set of ‘unmanipulated search results’ which has been questioned by many across the industry. However, the new version can better understand websites in their entirety. This includes knowing which sites don’t rank for keywords that they once did in the past.

Although Moz will still look at the number of links to a website, they’ll now be integrating their Spam Score. Monitoring the distribution of links based on quality and traffic will also become a bigger focus!

As a result of these changes, Domain Authority checks will become more trustworthy. Russ Jones, a Principal Search Scientist at Moz wrote: “We can remove spam, improve correlations, and, most importantly, update Domain Authority relative to all the changes that Google makes.”

With Google changing its algorithm frequently, Moz aims to be much more reactive to ensure that you’re able to see the right data at all times.

When the changes are rolled out, you may see some fluctuation in your own website authority. You need to treat Domain Authority as a relative metric and compare yours with other sites. It’s important to check this against your competitors regularly!

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