Optimising Your Conversion Rate

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Conversion rate optimisation Lead, Jonny Pears, shares 5 tips on how to maximise return on web traffic by using existing data to help optimise conversion rates.


1. Approach your data differently

Analysing your website data will give a great insight into the changing behaviours of your user. Even if you aren’t currently running tests, comparing key metrics from before the crisis to today.

Has there been a change in device usage? Are there areas of your site now getting more traffic than they previously were?

Utilise heatmaps to show whether a users attention has shifted to different information, such as shipping or returns.

2. Shift your focus to learn new things

We know that potential customers behaviour may have altered between pre-crisis to where we find ourselves today. These users find themselves using their extra time to research their potential purchases and get more information when visiting a website.

Capitalise on users who are now visiting different areas of your website, amending the information that they see based on their new user journey.

3. Put more emphasis on your micro-conversions

Customers now have more time to spend researching into companies and their products, as well as looking for viable alternatives, so now is the time to focus on micro-conversions.

Offer newsletter sign-ups and incentive-based account creation to allow yourself the opportunity to further market to customers who haven’t yet made a purchase.

4. Highlight your new USP’s to drive conversion

A key part of managing a customer experience and expectation is to communicate quickly, clearly and honestly.

Amended working hours, updated delivery policy, more relaxed returns policies and new customer service methods will allow customers to connect to your company and help them understand what is going on.

If there are unique service changes that could have a positive impact, bring these to the forefront of your website.

5. Test messaging to understand what works

Iterative testing on your website will give you the best insight to what resonates with your customers. Try testing different messaging with your users to better understand how to market to them.

Would a comforting message help with a potential purchase? A message of reassurance over returns or cancellation give a customer more peace of mind? Or would they rather shop “business as usual” and not have to think about coronavirus?

If you need any further support or information then do not hesitate to contact the Mediaworks team.

Thank you. Stay safe.


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