Outreach efficiency: maximising your brand’s online coverage

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As the many Google link penalties have illustrated, gaining coverage for your brand online is not a process that can be automated. Generating relevant links from key digital influencers takes time and effort in order to build relationships and secure the coverage (and SEO benefit) you require.

While we can’t pass over outreach campaigns to robots, we can make the process of securing coverage more efficient. If your campaign isn’t generating the results you hoped, it could be because of inefficiencies within your outreach strategy. In this post, we discuss the fundamentals of any outreach strategy; get these right and you’re perfectly placed for success:

Plan, plan plan!

You want results and you want them quickly. It’s easy to jump in with both feet and start a scattergun approach to outreach, securing links from here, there and everywhere. The problem with this is six months down the line, your approach isn’t delivering the results you wanted.

The solution lies in creating a thorough outreach plan that takes into account what you want to accomplish and how you’re going to do it. Which key influencer sites do you want to feature on? What keywords will you be targeting and what types of content will secure this coverage?

Work within your niche

The web is awash with content, so churning out generic, run-of-the-mill content is hardly going to set your target influencers’ world alight. You need to offer sites something of value, otherwise why would they host it?

Create genuinely interesting content that ties in with a recent news hook, offers a unique perspective or presents new data. For a more efficient outreach method, target your content at specific niches and systematically work through all relevant sites. Streamlining the ‘scattergun’ approach, you’ll have a clear view of the progress of your outreach campaign, ensuring you capture every opportunity.

Document & learn

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for outreach. The approach that works well for one sector might be completely different to the next. That’s why it’s so important to keep clear records of how your outreach strategy is performing, allowing you to extract learnings for future campaigns.

For example, which content pieces have generated the most coverage? By better understanding your best performing content, you can ensure future success by creating pieces in a similar vein.

As you build relationships with sites and influencers, you will begin to understand the type of content and topics that they are looking for, allowing you to create more intelligent strategies moving forwards. Failing to use these learnings positively will result in your campaign stagnating.

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