Paid search: changing with the seasons

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If you’re an online retailer, events like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas are lucrative periods. With customers ready and waiting to spend, all you have to do is capture their interest and convert them into customers. How do you do it? With paid search, of course.

Paid search is perfect for reacting to seasonal changes. Interest in specific products naturally fluctuates based on consumer demand. For example, searches for ‘toys’ peak at almost five million in November — as shoppers start their Christmas shopping and take advantage of Black Friday deals — compared to the average monthly volume of 90,500.

So, whether it’s a major event or a key trend within your industry, here are our key tips for converting seasonal shoppers into customers:

Include countdowns on ads

Whether it’s last shopping days or the time before a sale ends, including countdowns on paid search ads offers dual benefits. Not only do they prompt a user to making a purchase sooner rather than later, they can also answer any questions customers may have, such as whether their parcel will arrive in time. Again, including this type of information pushes users further into the buying cycle and closer to making a purchase.

Increase your budget accordingly

If keyword search volumes fluctuate yet your budget stays the same, you’re essentially missing out on a huge share of revenue. As demand increases, so does the cost of your bids. Therefore, by keeping your budget the same, you may actually reduce your paid visibility.

Remember that when interest peaks, you’ll naturally convert better, as there are more customers in the market. Given that your competitors will likely be doing the same, upping your budget is crucial to ensuring you capitalise on this lucrative period.

Don’t forget about remarketing

With more visitors reaching your site, you’ll have access to a greater remarketing pool. As a useful tool for increasing sales, it’s worth increasing both your budget and bids on this part of your campaign to capture conversions from past visitors.

Of course, there’s a lot more to perfecting paid search than the tips mentioned above. To find out more, why not join us for our Mediaworks Masterclasses? Our Google AdWords sessions are ideal for learning more about this valuable tool. For more information, complete the form below to get in touch. 


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