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When I first graduated from Northumbria University in June 2012, I found myself adrift without a clear direction. I was desperately ambitious, but wasn’t sure which way to head. I ended up taking a job in a bar as a way to put food on the table.

During my time pulling pints, I attended an interview at a company called Mediaworks. I did my research into the business and thought it looked great. However, I’d applied for an SEO copywriting role, something I had no real knowledge of.

Unlike other companies I’d interviewed for in the past, I didn’t just get a refusal – I got advice. So when I was turned down, I took it in my stride. I had a new direction to take my talent for writing – I just needed to gain experience.

I didn’t allow being turned down to stop me. I’d seen the inside of the wide open-office and professional looking staff with smiles on their faces. It was a far cry away from screaming customers demanding a glass of wine after last orders had been called. More importantly, the interview had helped shape my career ambitions. I now knew that I wanted to explore copywriting and digital marketing.

Fast forward two years of experience working as a digital marketing assistant and product copywriter for two different retail sites. Alongside some freelance copy work and the launch of my own blog, I now knew a whole lot about marketing, SEO and copy. I met up with Brett, the managing director and was offered a job after a promising chat about the future. I couldn’t stop smiling all weekend.

A fast paced start

After a full month the smile was still on my face. No job I’ve had has ever matched the team atmosphere here at Mediaworks. From day one I’ve been welcomed and included. I have already participated in some great projects, which have harnessed all the skills I’ve already learned and helped me build more.

I’ve written copy for leading websites, built new digital skills and been allowed to bring my ideas to meetings and assist the growth of the content marketing team. I’ve even partied on a boat sailing down the river Tyne with my colleagues – something I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

It’s the idea of a team that really separates Mediaworks from previous roles I’ve held. Here, a task is planned and executed by experts in each team (the business is nicknamed ‘the big blue machine’ which reflects the efficiency of the agency).

Support is given freely if a colleague is struggling and we all work towards the same goals. We’re not just spouting corporate jargon when we say we’re passionate about digital marketing – everyone I’ve talked to genuinely loves their job.

As far as work goes, the way that Mediaworks handles projects genuinely impresses me. I’m given my work for the day in advance, which really helps organise time and keeps me productive. Any queries I have are quickly addressed and I’ve never felt out of my depth despite the responsibility.

I love the open plan nature of the office and the little perks the company offers. Few days go by when someone doesn’t bring in free food. Conversation is easy to have and whenever I feel too bogged down by work I can have a quick chat to get an outside eye on it. I’m currently sat on a table full of like-minded people who are encouraging and helpful. It’s a relaxed workplace, but one where you can really focus on tasks and get support quickly if you need it.

I love how I feel like a valued part of the team thanks to weekly meetings to keep us up to date with what the company is doing, which help you feel included in the ‘bigger picture.’ There are social events going on regularly and every lunch-time is a good chance to socialise thanks to the canteen.

I’ve been at the company for three months and not once have I felt any negativity towards the role. I love coming to work and really enjoy each week. No day is ever the same and my role shifts and moves as my abilities change or grow. I’m hoping that I can take the next steps up in my career here and really thrive.

After years of not being sure about my future, I’m now in a position where I feel valued, can contribute all of my skills in a supportive environment and have a bit of fun while I’m doing it.

Mediaworks has granted me a vehicle to harness my creativity and learn about agencies and business. With new clients coming on board and new members of the team being added continually, 2015 looks exceptionally bright for both myself and ‘The big blue.’

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