Perfecting your paid search Christmas campaigns

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November is in full swing and for retailers, the busiest time of the year is here. However, there is still time to perfect your paid search campaigns to capture a greater share of this lucrative online spend. If you’ve left it to the last minute, take a look at the following tips to enjoy a perfect PPC campaign through Black Friday and beyond:

Tailor your ad extensions

Ad extensions are a great way of adding more detail to further inform customers and sway them into purchasing from your brand. They’re used all year round, but they’re especially important during the holidays.

Update your ads to convey the key information searchers want, such as Christmas delivery dates and details of discounts or promotional codes. Try to include seasonal vocabulary in the ad copy and consider images to capture attention and occupy a greater space on mobile.

Increase generic terms

As search volume increases, so does your opportunity to get your ads seen by more people. Look for opportunities to expand your keyword targeting, whether that’s by adding in factors like age or recipient type — e.g. gifts for seven-year-old boys — or holiday terms, such as secret Santa gifts.

Review your ad copy

We’ve already touched on this above, but altering your ad copy is an effective strategy to target holiday shoppers. Reference the event in the ad copy, whether it’s Christmas or Black Friday, or implement a countdown with AdWords’ countdown feature. Clearly outlining how long shoppers have left to order — such as ‘5 Days Left For Christmas Delivery’ — to prompt them to act quickly.

Incorporate Merchant Promotions

With increased competition, it’s particularly important to make your Google Shopping ads stand out, especially if you’re selling the same or similar products. By adding Merchant Promotions to your ads, you can attach details of special offers to your ads, such as a free delivery or discount code. According to research, adding this feature can have a positive impact on conversions. Alternatively, you could try Google’s new showcase shopping ads to promote multiple products in just one ad.

Don’t forget about Bing!

Although it does have a smaller market share than Google, it still has 25% of the search market, which means one in four searches is carried out on Bing. Allocate your budget accordingly to capitalise on searches across both platforms. Make sure you change your ad copy to reflect the target audience using Bing.

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