PPC SOS: Why bid on brand terms?

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In this blog post, we’re shedding some light on one of our most frequently asked questions: why is it important to bid on your own company or brand name? You wouldn’t be happy if your competitors stuck a huge billboard outside your high street store, so why let them take your market share online?

A lot of people believe that they shouldn’t bid on their own company name because the site will rank top organically. Below, you’ll find a rundown of the advantages of bidding on your own brand keywords.



Ads are shown above organic results, making them the first thing searchers see.

There are typically up to three ads shown, so if you can bag these slots then the searcher won’t have to scroll down to find your organic listing. This is perfect when capturing the attention of lazy searchers who always click listings (paid or organic) that are above the fold.

And although Google uses the Ad stamp and seller rating system to further distinguish between ads and organic listings, some people who perform rushed searches might not realise they’ve clicked a paid ad. If they do, make sure it’s your official homepage that they’re greeted by.

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Nobody wants to be out-done by their competitors, especially for their own brand name.

For example, if you were Maxi Cosi, and Mothercare were bidding on “Maxi Cosi” keywords, how would you feel if users searching for your brand were seeing the Mothercare ad first? Obviously there is reseller competition at this level, but you want to ensure your ecommerce site is generating maximum conversions too.

By bidding on your brand name, you can ensure it is your ad that is shown well above the fold when a user searches for your business.

Quality Score

More often than not, targeting brand keywords produces a great quality score; the scoring system Google uses when determining the cost per click (CPC) and which PPC advertiser shows up in position 1, 2, 3, etc.

Bidding on your brand keywords will give you a fantastic click through rate, which is later used by Google to assess your quality score. Therefore, if you’re determined to lower your CPC or suffering from the dreaded ‘Rarely shown due to low quality score’ eligibility status, this is the perfect time to target brand terms.

This good quality score will have a positive effect on the overall AdWords account, helping to lower CPC and improve the rest of your campaigns.


As your brand name will be searched less than the majority of generic, non-brand terms, this makes your branded keyword incredibly cheap.

The graphs below show the cost of brand keywords compared to the cost of non-brand keywords. As you can see, you really can’t afford not to bid on your brand.



non brand

Ad extensions

When you include call and sitelink extensions, you are giving searchers another route to your checkout – so make it count. These extensions push your competitor ads lower on the results page, so make the most of your character allowance and take up as much of the page as possible!

Have you got a sale on? Have a lot of stock of one product line? These can be promoted using sitelinks — another way of making your ad stand out from the Google-determined organic listing.

mediaworks screenshot

Even if you only enable your brand campaign during the sale period, you can direct users to certain parts of your site (i.e. the sale page) with ease. Think of your ad as a conversation with the user: before they’ve even visited your site, you’re making your promotions known to them.


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