PPC Trend Predictions for 2014

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PPC Trend Predictions for 2014

As we approach the close of another year, the Mediaworks heads of department take a look at the changes that have made online marketing a thoroughly rock and roll profession in 2013 and make their predictions for what will be moving and shaking in 2014.

In the first of a three-part blog series, John Cave, Head of PPC, gives an expert’s view on the ups, downs and sideways moves of Adwords.


John Cave, Head of PPC

One of the biggest changes this year was the rollout of Adwords enhanced campaigns, a change that many didn’t welcome. In fact, the change seemed to contradict a best practice that the Adwords team had been pre-empting for a few years. Previously, they had told us to split campaigns out by device, but this change meant doing the exact opposite. As the year has progressed, PPC professionals have learnt to live with this change, which in my opinion, has made managing campaigns somewhat easier.

The enhanced campaigns have brought with them some very attractive tools such as location bidding, better ad scheduling and enhanced sitelinks for devices.

Of course enhanced campaigns was not the only addition of new tools to Adwords this year: there has been a raft of new features. Remarketing has improved tenfold, giving us the ability to target the Search Network in addition to using the Display Network. In my opinion, dynamic remarketing has been one of the best additions to Adwords this year.

As the rate of ‘not provided’ increased, Adwords announced the launch of the paid & organic reports, a tool that aims to provide us with data pitching organic listing performance against paid, and reveal how they perform together.

Flexible bid strategies have also been a very welcome inclusion this year, with the latest addition allowing us to create strategies based on our desired ROI. Of course, like any strategy, you need to give this function the data and time to work.

The number of Adword changes this year has been far greater than any other and I wouldn’t expect this to change going into 2014. In fact, I anticipate the release rate of new tools to be at least on a par with, if not greater than, 2013.

I’m pretty confident that at some point in 2014 we may see the evolution of image extensions from beta to mainstream, as Adwords slowly starts to dominate all of the ‘above the fold’ SERPs.


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