Preparing For Black Friday 2019

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Here at Mediaworks, we’ve been preparing for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend craze for months now, with aims to make our clients the most visible companies online against their competitors. However, developing a Black Friday marketing strategy that also includes a shopper’s Cyber Monday antics is not always simple, and can require significant input from a range of expertise.

As one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the North East, with over a decade of experience in successfully running campaigns, we know how to tackle seasonal events head on and drive exceptional results for our clients that allow them to be the topic of conversation — including the Black Friday weekend.

Originally an event following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, Black Friday made its way across the Atlantic in 2010. Amazon was the first company that started offering British consumers discounted products, but not many people understood what the event actually was. This changed in 2013 when ASDA adopted its Walmart strategy for an eager UK audience.

Now, Black Friday is much more than a singular day that follows a family feast and a blessing of the harvest. The sales celebratory event is now a four-day long annual occurrence that we all have marked in our calendars!

The Black Friday Weekend

Marketing your business for Black Friday 2019 has never been more important. Figures from last year suggest that online sales were up on 2017, totalling £1.04 billion.

Shoppers have come to the realisation that they do not need to go out to stores in order to get the best deal —  everything is available online, which some have claimed has led to the death of the high street.

But what do you need to do as part of your Black Friday marketing strategy?

A Focus On Mobile

You won’t be surprised to hear that more businesses are focusing on how mobile-friendly their website is. As the Black Friday weekend approaches, more people will be using their smartphones to browse products online and eventually make a purchase. If you haven’t proactively developed your site to offer a smooth process for mobile users, you will put your entire Black Friday campaign in danger.

In 2018, more than a third of UK sales on Black Friday were made on mobile. This highlights the shift in shopping habits and how consumers now have greater confidence when spending online. Further supporting this shift, the following Cyber Monday attributed a huge 43 per cent of its sales to mobile — convinced?

Timing is essential when it comes to marketing over the weekend, so it’s important to have a detailed understanding of your customer base and their behaviour. Research has shown that across Europe, the average peak hour of the day for both traffic and sales was at 4pm on mobile. When looking closer to home in London, peak traffic was around 6pm and sales at 7pm which implies that most people start their shopping after work. The fear of missing out seems to no longer exist.

Optimising Your Copy

Making sure that your content is properly optimised is essential if you want to make sure that your business appears in any relevant search results around Black Friday sales. With millions of shoppers browsing the internet for the best deal, you need to entice them with creative copy and transition them from prospective customer to an actual buyer.

This entails in-depth keyword research and a competitor analysis’ — we need to see what your competition is doing, then do it better. From this, your conversions will go through the roof.

Paid Advertising

As Black Friday is a competitive period for businesses across all sectors, using paid advertising will guarantee visibility across search engines and social media platforms. It’s crucial to understand what promotions your business will be running, as this will let you know what you can offer and whether there is enough stock to deal with the demand. The last thing you want to do is heavily promote a product that does not have the stock level to back it up.

Our paid search specialists always reflect on the previous year to see what worked well and how we can improve the campaign as a whole: what bid got us to first position, what keywords or product categories were difficult to advertise in, how did spend increase and more.

Whether you need to increase your position on Google with SEO or advertise your latest discounts through PPC, we have the perfect solution that will work for your business and will allow for continued success. 



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