Preparing your PPC campaigns for Christmas

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However, Mediaworks’ Head of PPC, Hannah Mattinson, is here to give you a few tips and tricks to turn this year’s Black Friday and Christmas traffic from an online opportunity into your highest revenue ever …all by being in front of potential customers when researching to purchasing and beyond.

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Year on Year growth of eCommerce

November to December 2014 vs 2013 saw traffic to retail websites increase by 28% compared to 2013.

This was largely down to the rise of Black Friday (which is predicted to be even bigger in 2015, by the way, so you really don’t want to miss out) and Cyber Monday; a major event though more targeted towards the electronics industry.


How does my business capitalise from this growth?

Our advice to you is simple. Don’t plan for Christmas… plan for Black Friday (held on 27th November this year)!

We all know Christmas and Black Friday are when most transactions occur, but to really capitalise from the boom in traffic, advertisers and retailer must consider this decision making funnel:

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The key to success is your brand being present at every stage of the decision making process; from awareness, to consideration, to purchase. The way to do this is to get in front of customers as early as possible.

The benefit is that when it comes to that crucial purchase decision, your customers are not only aware and considering your products and services, but they’re skipping past generic product-led searches and typing your brand name straight into their search engine instead.



Why is this needed?

Looking at Google Trends data, we can see that searches for gift-related products start as early as September!

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Although many people won’t be heading to the checkout during this month, they will be on the look-out for present ideas, so promoting your USPs – such as free delivery, guaranteed Christmas delivery, free gift wrap service, etc – will give them a great impression of your brand.

How do I raise product awareness?

As searchers are out for ideas, creating some search campaigns to product categories is a good idea. To maximise budgets, keep max CPCs low and delivery on standard to ensure your budget lasts the full day.



Why is this needed?

Now your customers have researched and decided which product type/brand/variety they want, they will compare retailers, products and prices ahead of heading to checkout.

After being introduced to your products and services during the awareness stage, we need to make sure your brand is prominent when customers are considering where to buy.

How do I promote my brand when customers are considering?

Creating a display campaign targeting product keywords is highly recommended. This way, when customers are researching reviews and comparison sites, your brand and products are present on as many Display Network sites as possible.

Standard and dynamic remarketing strategies are also useful here – you want previous site visitors to return after all, so it’s worth setting your CPC higher than your display campaign as this audience is more valuable than attracting someone who has never met your brand.

If you haven’t got a shopping campaign set up, it’s time to bite the bullet and get this sorted too!

Now customers know exactly what they want, they will be searching for very specific products (including their size, colour, brand, gender, etc), so it pays to show shopping ads on the results page – this is where customers can compare price, USPs (via shopping ad text) and any special offers (via promotions feed) in an instant.


Why is this needed?

By now, your potential customers will have discovered your brand during the awareness stage, considered and shortlisted your products and services during the consideration process and are now ready to make their purchase.

By reinforcing your message across search, display and remarketing campaigns, your brand name should be top-of-mind and searchers will come direct to your site via the address bar, or will at the very least search for your brand.

How do I drive as many purchases as possible?

Setting up a brand campaign (if you haven’t already), will make sure your purchase-minded customers won’t struggle to find you in search results. A brand campaign is essential in competitive marketplaces, as there is nothing to stop your competitors showing their ads when searchers look for your brand. This brand campaign will drive the best ROI at a cheap CPC, so is definitely worth investing in during the busy festive period.

Remarketing is also your best ally. Expand your lists to appeal to everyone who’s been on your site – and don’t forget to raise bids for basket abandoners, as these guys are more likely to complete their purchase!


Why is this needed?

Your customers have now completed their purchase – woohoo! You shouldn’t stop there though. Gaining their advocacy will keep them loyal to your brand and share their experiences of your quality products, prompt delivery and easy returns service (if needed) with their family and friends.

How do I encourage advocacy?

The key is rewarding your customers. Many advertisers do this with referral schemes (i.e. 10% off your next purchase when you refer a friend) or email discounts. However, this can also be achieved via PPC.

Creating a new remarketing list for past purchasers means you can show a special offer code (i.e. 10% off your next purchase) to this exclusive group of people!


For more tips and tricks for making Black Friday and Christmas 2015 your best ever, watch our Have Yourself A Perfect PPC Christmas webinar or get in touch to see how we can tailor our services to your specific requirements.


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