Google’s reporting metric rollout for click-to-message AdWords extension

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Back in October 2016, Google announced their click-to-message AdWords extension. Working in a similar way to call extensions, users could click the ad to contact the business via text message. From a user perspective, this was obviously beneficial, allowing them to gain instant responses to any queries they may have.

Now, Google has announced that it will be rolling out message reporting metrics in the US, UK, Canada, France, Brazil and Australia. The following will be captured:

  • Chat time — this will show the split between impressions and those who actually use the messaging functionality.
  • Start time — this shows the most popular times for users to message your business. The results could be crucial in determining the timing of your paid search campaign.
  • Number of messages exchanged — this is based on a single messaging session and can be used to establish which ads are interacted with most.

Google is able to track the above through the call-forwarding number which is displayed in the ad. Each messaging session will be charged as a click.

How can I maximise conversation through messaging extensions?

When setting up your click-to-message campaign, consider the following to ensure both you and your customers are getting maximum value from the functionality:

Writing message extensions — keep it clear and relevant

Make it clear what potential customers can gain from contacting you via text message and ensure they match the theme of your ads. You can also provide pre-filled message text that users will see in their SMS app before they contact you. Again, this should clearly outline why users should contact you and what they can expect to gain.

Time it right

Sending a message and waiting hours for a response can be as frustrating as a phone that is never answered. If you don’t reply quickly, you give potential customers time to find your competitors.  Time your click-to-message extensions to show when a member of staff is online to answer your customers.

Use local numbers

If you have them available, use local numbers. They help convey to customers that your business is nearby and increase user trust.

Plan the next steps

What happens after the messaging has ended? Work out what the next steps are — you may want to carry the conversation on over the phone, or direct them to an alternative channel.

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