The rise of the impatient shopper — and how to market to them

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Fuelled by the growth of mobile, shoppers can now purchase what they want, when they want. The convenience of mobile means shoppers are now able to research the products they want on the move, buy them online or check in-store stock from their smartphones.

This increased availability of items means shoppers are becoming more impatient. They want information and their products quickly — and it’s up to brands to be the first to provide this.

Brand loyalty over user experience

While brand loyalty is important for securing business from return customers, data shows that it’s less important for this new breed of impatient shoppers. Almost three quarters of these shoppers said they thought the relevancy of information was more important than the company providing it.

If as a brand, you know your overall customer experience is weaker than your competitors, you can’t rely on the pulling power of your brand to lure in this type of shopper — you must deliver a superior user experience, whether that’s through improving the quality of your content or refining page speeds and mobile functionality to deliver a seamless experience.

Time is of the essence

As you would expect with an impatient shopper, not only do they want to find the information they need instantly, they also want their products quickly. This is illustrated by the 120% growth of searches for same day shipping since 2015.

Not only do shoppers want speedy delivery options when shopping online, they’re also happy to visit in-store to get their products. ‘Near me’ searches on mobile devices have trebled over the last two years, while 80% of shoppers will go in-store if they have the product they want.

Traditionally, online and bricks-and-mortar stores have been seen as natural opposites, yet emerging search trends suggests the opposite. As the media continues its coverage of a high street in decline, effective optimisation of local search by all brands could help inject new interest into traditional stores.

Merging online and offline

Omnichannel strategies are essential for combining search with offline behaviour — and it’s well-worth doing. According to research, showing a real-time view of in-store stock online can improve incremental store visits by 80%, while click-through rates increase by 28% when a user is within one mile of a store. Likewise, store visits increased by 57% within this proximity.

Mobile is not just changing how we shop, it’s also impacting our search and offline habits. It has never been more important to have a well-optimised mobile presence and omnichannel strategy in place, whether it’s intended to capture the impatient shopper or a wider demographic.

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