Royal baby #2: Nissan steals the show with well-planned marketing concept

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Looks like it’s time to get the patriotic-coloured bunting and cheap fizz out once again, with the news that the nation’s golden couple are expecting their second child. Just over a year since the Great British public, and indeed the world, welcomed the arrival of Prince George, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have announced that a second royal baby is now well and truly on the way.

With the nation’s attention directed to the media for further updates, now is a better time than any for brands to launch some topical advertising campaigns. And though the news broke just this morning, it seems some brands have had the foresight to prepare in advance for the news we all knew was coming.

Back in July 2013 when the future King made his first appearance, brands around the globe were quick to recognise the opportunity for patriotic allegiance and the chance to grab the attention of a warm and fuzzy public.

While’s Brian the Robot was waving a Baby On Board sticker in celebration, Warburtons was removing a golden loaf from the oven (complete with Union Jack oven gloves) and announcing to the world: One’s bun is done. You can see how more of the world’s brands took advantage of the situation with clever marketing ploys over at The Drum.

Warburtons royal baby advert

Second time around, it looks like we’re in for another barrage of baby-related concepts. Some brands, including the likes of John Lewis and Jack Wills, left it at offering their congratulations on Twitter, using the #RoyalBaby hashtag to engage with thousands of social media users.

John Lewis royal baby tweet Jack Wills royal baby tweet

Argos seemingly saw the opportunity to push their baby-related products. But the brand didn’t optimise their tweet too well — perhaps their topic of choice was just a coincidence?

Argos royal baby tweet

Car manufacturer Nissan has stolen the show, however, with its frighteningly quick unveiling of a speculative take on whether the new arrival could be triplets. This clever little piece was likely prepared months in advance and simply waiting for the news to break, but still — hats off to their clever marketing team for having the initiative to plan ahead.

Nissan royal baby ad

It even looks as if some brands were caught off guard by the news, and wrote less-than-impressive, unimaginative tweets in a desperate effort to take advantage of the #RoyalBaby hashtag exposure. Come on Pizza Express, was that really the best you could do?

Pizza Express royal baby tweet

Lesson learnt? Editorial calendars are a must for any brand looking to take advantage of what the world is talking about. Whether it’s the World Cup, the Great British Bake Off or indeed the news of the country’s next royal nipper, aligning your marketing efforts to the most topical subject is a sure-fire way to gain valuable exposure for your brand.

Congratulations Kate and Wills, from everybody at Mediaworks!


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