Snapchat marketing: yay or nay?

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Take Snapchat for example. Over 100 million people use it every single day, with 9,000 snaps shared each second. Predominantly used by 18 to 34 year olds, it’s the ideal way to connect with a younger target audience. So how can brands use Snapchat to their advantage?

As well as setting up their own account to share behind the scenes previews to their followers, brands can connect further through Sponsored Geofilters. These branded filters can then be accessed and used within a particular area. Whether you’re promoting a product nationally or encouraging social interaction at an event, the filters keep your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

Burgerking snap chat filter

With the right design, your filter can position your brand in front of a larger audience. For example, during the launch of their Classic Grilled Dog, Burger King released a hotdog Snapchat filter for just 24 hours. Over this short period, the filter was used 3.5 million times, earning the brand a huge 60 million impressions. Clearly, this method of promotion works.

Think Snapchat could work for your brand? Here are our tips for creating your own Geofilters:

Consider your budget

Of course, the incredible reach of Snapchat doesn’t come cheap. The price you’ll pay is dependent on a number of factors, like whether you’ll require an animated filter and the size of the area you want to make it available in. Some national filters can cost thousands, so always make sure it’s the right choice for your brand.

Choose the right idea

Your filter will need to be memorable. If it has a simple branded design, chances are it will fall into obscurity. Users want to be entertained and they aren’t afraid to make themselves look silly. Think outside the box and create a unique and fun design that promotes your brand in the right way and matches Snapchat’s humour-led approach.

Promote your Geofilter across other platforms

Help users find your filter by promoting it across your other social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter. A simple post announcing the Geofilter is a great way of promoting it, especially if it’s only available for a short space of time — you should do everything you can to maximise its reach.

Likewise, encouraging Snapchat users to share their snaps on Twitter will increase the conversation around your brand and encourage more users to get involved.

We recently created a Snapchat filter for our Mediaworks summer staff party. Take a look at some of the snaps below:

jayne and philJake snap chat



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