Social Sentiment Analysis Doing Bits on Love Island

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We are sure that the return of ITV2 hit show Love Island will have caught your attention, if not left you a little shook.

Many of the part-time viewers who, shall we say, dip in and dip out over the six-week run time, found themselves asking, ‘Is it summer already’? In response to this — no folks, don’t panic, we’re still in Yawn-uary.

Love Island producers made the call to commission a winter series as well as the June edition, thanks to the fact episode one of the previous series garnered a viewership of more than 3.3 million.

Okay, so the beginning of the current series, presented by Laura Whitmore, didn’t return quite as impressive figures, but it has still ensured unprecedented levels of social media activity.

One contestant, Ollie, departed the villa after just three days, garnering significant attention. Of course, there has been the usual predictions of, ‘Whose head will be turned first?’, ‘Who is going to get ‘pied’ on the daily?’, and ‘Whose head is at where?’.

Say hello to the new, absolute sort-of-an-Islander — the social sentiment.

What is social sentiment analysis?

Mediaworks has been grafting recently, using AI text analysis technology from Azure. Grabbing Twitter tweets from the API and storing them temporarily, we have been able to push them into Azure’s text analysis, calculating a score. This score is known as the social sentiment score, and this gives a reflection of public perception of all the Islanders.

The sentiment value score rates each Islander out of a possible 100, and then automatically plots it onto an interactive graph.


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