Surgery sessions: PPC and Google Shopping

Flummoxed by PPC? Frustrated at the function of Google Shopping? These two aspects of online marketing really turned up the volume at our surgery session. For example, if one question we posed resulted in a unanimous answer, it was this one:

“Does anyone know about automated PPC systems?”

The fact that the unified response to James’s question was a no is not a negative. Many people don’t feel confident in regard to their PPC knowledge as it’s a complex system — that’s why we’re here, to tackle the technical and convert it into positive results for you!

Whether you were at the talk or sadly missed it, read on to discover the day’s hot topics and the surrounding discussions.

Online shopping gets Googled

While the innovations surrounding Google Shopping were not looked at in great detail, many delegates did express concern regarding the functionality of the system. Luckily, James was able to address several of the concerns head on.

By explaining that Google can only judge a business from their feed, he confirmed that it is crucial that said feed has all the correct information in the right places and is updated regularly.  All you need to remember is that Google is looking for the IM number and keywords that match the product title. It is only if these key functionalities are not accurately completed that businesses may find that their data is not correctly pulled through.

Automated PPC systems   

As discussed, this was the catalyst for lengthy debate. However, if you simplify automated PPC systems, they are essentially intelligent programs that can track contextual factors applicable to your online marketing practice. OK, so maybe I didn’t make that sound all that simple!

If we boil it down further, contextual factors are elements that naturally affect your business. The example given on the day was the weather. Changing forecasts can directly influence the outcome of your paid advertising, and demand for your products. This is extremely useful in regard to businesses that deal with seasonal goods and services. For example, if you sell a variety of outdoor wear, snow tires or designer sunglasses, tracking where and when certain weather patterns will appear will allow you to invest PPC budgets optimally.

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