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When it comes to the application of social media for the greater good of your business, you really can’t avoid the mountain of platforms that can offer some excellent online exposure. However, knowing just how effective these systems can be can is often a murky puddle of status updates, tweets and selfies.

The topic was discussed at length at our surgery session in February. Below are a few of the key points that were made, questions raised, and topics discussed.

Facebook facts

Facebook is more than just pictures of cats asking for a cheeseburger. It is also an excellent tool for engaging with customers who are in a predominately relaxed mindset. If you instigate your conversation and social signals with a subtle approach, you should see positive results.

“Is Facebook reaching people who are actually engaging with the brand?”

This was a question I’m sure was on the minds of many of the delegates. We use social media to supplement PR and SEO campaigns and see a better return off newsfeed ads. However, these ads cannot always be targeted to just those who are engaging with the brand. For example, we couldn’t stop ads that promote meat products in the feed of a vegan. While we wouldn’t directly want that advert in that feed, it can’t be policed. This was perhaps one of the only negatives discussed on the day.

“How can you get your feed to work well? Is that very technical?” 

The great thing about Facebook as your chosen social media platform is you have the ability to set up various campaigns that can each target different customer. We’re looking at running a future session centred on just this with one of our tech experts at the helm. However, once you have the knowledge locked in, it may surprise you how quickly you can set up your first campaign ― just be sure you have identified your goals and targets for the exercise otherwise these social signals will be lost to the wind.

Staying with Facebook for a moment, one delegate noted that the Likes generated on their profile act as a direct route for customers to take to their site. James Chapman, business development manager, explained that it is very much a social signal and will expose your brand but in terms of SEO, will not impact on your rankings. The discussion lead to a few pros and cons of the platform’s business capabilities. For example, while Facebook has been credited with reaching new customers, some believe that Twitter attracts more industry bodies.

Sweet Tweet bro!

Twitter and its character restrictions may seem like a harder-to-master platform in terms of your social media engagement, but it disseminates easy-to-digest information to your followers, including links to products and content marketing. While one delegate thought it attracted more people interested in the sector you work rather than consumers, it can work to actively engage both markets.

Word to the wise though, if you’re managing your business’s feed, read over the cautionary tale Twitter Fails: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility by Katherine Weir and discover how bad behaviour online can be extremely detrimental to your image.

As for the best of the rest, including Instagram, Pinstrest, Google+ and Youtube, these sites went undiscussed but this copywriter knows all too well just how engaging, and beneficial to your business, they can be.

If you want to hear more, or would like a full session on social media, we’d love to hear from you.


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