The End of the Agency vs. In-House Debate?

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Mediaworks have long struggled with the age-old challenge of our clients asking themselves “Do I need to bring digital marketing in house?”…. Usually it was down to the fact that the work an agency had done was so successful that it had soon become a key part of a clients business. The natural client instinct is to gain more control by bringing these services in house, however more and more businesses are being burned by the digital skills shortage and in trusting their entire online business to an individual who’s CV reads well and they know very little about.

This was something that always frustrated us at Mediaworks, as at times we became victims of our own success! Never a good thing!

However what we started to notice was that this wasn’t even a fight we should be having. When we reviewed our campaigns and looked at agency versus in-house versus a combination of both, it was the combination campaigns that were by far the most successful.

We dug a little deeper into this and identified several key reasons why any business that wants to maximise their online presence and ultimately take the lion’s share of revenue or leads available in their market via the Internet MUST have both!

  1. We’re expensive labourers – we found that if there is a job that can be done in-house at a more cost effective rate than that of paying an agency, then fine, we’ll train you and help you do it. This has also allowed Mediaworks to focus our time on higher-level tasks and guide you through the more strategic obstacles the Internet can throw your way.
  2. We see things as an agency that your in-house team simply can’t – The way that search engines update their algorithms is becoming more and more erratic and sometimes can be trialled in a niche market before being rolled out across the entire web. This means that as Mediaworks work across over 50-60 different markets we can see the changes Google are rolling out months ahead of any in-house team who would only be focussing on their particular market. This could mean that one day you wake up and a Google tidal wave has hit your site wiping out your online business. We stop that from happening.
  3. We have multi-skilled experts in every area of online marketing – To absolutely get the maximum out of your business you must rely on only the best advice. If you compare it to building a house and employing a handyman versus a skilled team of expert craftsmen. I know where I’d rather live…
  4. Executives/Directors are time poor – we realise you have lots of other things to be doing in order to run your business and when you don’t have any in-house team its sometimes tough for us agency folk to get your attention and get things done!
  5. Ownership – there is nothing better than having internal champions who love digital dollars like we do at Mediaworks. We pride ourselves, as we’d hope all agencies do, in delivering success for our clients and sometimes you need a champion internally to share those ups and downs and breath life into a digital marketing campaign so that the rest of the company sees the wider business benefits.

The above is why we are seeing more and more local businesses coming back to the region to find a trusted partner to support their online business. We love working with local northeast businesses and helping them become as successful as possible. There’s nothing better than being able to sit down face to face and deliver good news whilst knowing you are making a real difference to a clients business.

Mediaworks are the leading Digital partner for the North East so if you’re serious about growing your online business then get in contact today on (0191) 404 0100 or send us an email at .

This article was originally published in the March edition of The North East Times.


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