The future of mobile ads

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In our latest blog post, Paid Search Director, Michael Ralph, discusses how Google’s upcoming changes will help to make your mobile ads campaign more effective.

Mobile has been a hot topic on our blog recently. From Google’s updated mobile-friendly algorithm to our Creative Director Andrew Blenkinsop’s tips for making the most of your mobile site, we can’t stress the importance of catering to smartphone and tablet users enough.


Image shopping ads

Product images were recently named as one of the most used features for users who search and purchase on a smartphone on a weekly basis. However, at present, shopping ads are not featured on image searches, meaning retailers could be missing a trick when it comes to targeting users that are searching for a specific product.

However, Google is set to change this in the future, with the introduction of shopping ads on image search results pages. Whether they’re searching for Nike trainers or whey protein, users will be able to click through to your site and purchase directly from you.

Ads are automatically eligible for the image pages, meaning enhanced exposure for sites.

More useful and accessible local inventory ads

Recognising the growing numbers of searches for local services, Google introduced local inventory ads. These ads essentially make your in-store products available to an online audience who are actively looking for the items you have in stock.

As expected, this type of ad has been incredibly popular with both users and retailers alike — and Google is already implementing plans to make them even better. Now, retailers can add a store pick up link to their product page, helping to entice even more visitors to their stores.

It’s not just products that are being improved though. Google has announced it will roll out plans to make local inventory ads searchable through the Knowledge Panel.

The Knowledge Panel is already home to information like store opening times and contact information, so by making this area searchable, users can find out exactly what products are in stock and where. By making this information readily available, you are enticing the on-the-move mobile searchers to call into your store.

At Mediaworks, we keep our finger on the digital pulse to ensure our clients are at the forefront of the digital domain. We have already integrated local inventory ads across many of our shopping clients and will of course be incorporating Google’s future updates to ensure maximum results for our clients.

Mediaworks can keep you up-to-date will all of Google’s latest changes. To work with a leading digital marketing agency, call us on +44 (0) 330 108 4263.


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