The Google tools that support omnichannel marketing

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As retailers look to improve their performance across all areas, whether that’s online or in a physical store, omnichannel marketing has grown in importance. It involves devising a strategy to integrate the customer journey and deliver a seamless experience across all touchpoints, including mobile, desktop, app and in-store.

This can be complicated. So to help, Google has created a suite of products designed to improve the omnichannel experience, which we explain more about below:

Google My Business (GMB)

With Google My Business (GMB), you can give your physical stores a digital presence. It allows you to take charge of the information displayed about your business and can help potential customers find your physical stores.

Information you can add includes opening hours, contact information and images of your store. It also gives you the opportunity to respond to customer reviews.

Product Listing Ads & Local Inventory Ads

Sometimes, searchers need a product urgently and don’t have time to wait for delivery. Through Product Listing Ads and Local Inventory Ads, you can seamlessly join the online and offline experience, showing the local availability of products.

Product feeds and inventory levels can be uploaded using the Google Merchant Center, in addition to metadata, product descriptions and pricing.

Perfecting Your Local Ad Strategy

For the best success from your local ad campaign, you’ll need to perfect your strategy. Through the Bid-By-Distance and Proximity Targeting features of AdWords, you can target your ads specifically at customers who are near to your stores, improving the relevancy of your targeting.

Through using Local Extensions, you can add store-specifics into your ad copy, such as addresses and phone numbers. To tempt searchers even further into making a visit to a physical store, click-to-call buttons and easy-access directions can also be added.

Test My Site

With local searches often carried out on mobile devices, it’s essential that you deliver a fast mobile site. If you make users wait or if site functionality is compromised, you risk driving potential customers to your competitors.

Google’s Test My Site tool helps you monitor your site’s mobile speed in real-word conditions. It checks the site’s design and coding suitability for mobile use.

Store Visits Report & Shop Sales

To truly understand the success of your omnichannel marketing strategy, you must be able to measure success. AdWords’ Store Visits report collects data around ad clicks in association with in-store visits, while Shop Sales conversions allow in-store conversion data to be uploaded into AdWords to deliver a more rounded view of on- and offline performance.

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