The Increased Demand for International SEO

It’s hard to believe that Mediaworks has become a globally sought after company, but after a phenomenally successful year and many international SEO requests later that is exactly what has happened.

Back in May, world renowned baby accessories company Tommee Tippee asked Mediaworks to provide search engine optimisation for their French site in, you guessed it, French. But before we could lift a figurative paper bag to our mouth and start hyperventilating, Online Marketing Executive, Steven McGurk, who has a rich history in foreign languages, stepped up to the plate.

Steven, who studied Modern Languages with an emphasis on Japanese and French at Newcastle University, told the team he was up to the challenge but did he bite off more than he could chew? He said: “The way people search can vary greatly from country to country which can make deciding on keyword targets much more challenging.

“It is not enough to just translate a specific key-phrase or product, you need to find the exact variation of the phrase which the people in that country use and when you’re a foreigner it can be extremely time consuming.”

He must have done well though because Tommee Tippee are now entering discussions with Mediaworks on optimising four of their other international sites, but let’s hope for Steven’s sake that one of them is in Japanese.

“There’s much more to optimising international sites than just translating content,” Steven said. “The challenging part is maintaining the tone and feel of the original content as well as ensuring that language specific idioms and expressions are changed appropriately.”

Mediaworks don’t just optimise French baby centric sites mind you. In the last year we have optimised sites in many languages including French, German, Italian and even Spanish. So over Christmas Steven will be hitting the books and getting a new language under his belt so we can return in 2012 and optimise the whole world. Good luck with that Steven.

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