The Mediaworks Total Warriors

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The Mediaworks Total Warriors

Here at Mediaworks, we welcome a challenge; last year’s exploits are testament to this. In 2013, we zip lined across the River Tyne exceeding our fundraising target for Macmillan Cancer Research in the process. On an individual level, our very own Head of Outreach, Craig Bradshaw, ran and finished in 18th place in the Yorkshire Marathon, and before 2014 has had a chance to put on its running shoes, 18 bold staff members have signed up for the extreme obstacle course, Total Warrior.

Upping the ante is a group of online marketing pros who fully understand the course is not for the faint-hearted. It is an adrenaline-fuelled 10K gauntlet of mud, walls, ropes, water and electric shocks to make your hair stand on end. However, when we think about it, it makes a strange kind of sense—working in online marketing has provided the perfect mental training for an endurance obstacle course, and we’ll give you three reasons why:

1)      There is always a new challenge we’re ready for. Due to the changing nature of Google’s ever-improving algorithms, we must think and plan ahead so that we adapt with them. Reading the environment on the horizon helps us align with these innovations as intelligently as possible.  Hopefully this experience will come in handy at Total Warrior.

2)      SEO isn’t a 100m sprint; it’s a long-distance race. It is important to pace yourself and think about where your campaign will be in a few months’ time. There’s always a little more to do—another link to acquire—another avenue to explore—another update on the horizon…

3)      It’s all about teamwork. On the Total Warrior course, if you can’t get over a high wall, you need a teammate’s help. In digital marketing, it is no different: with so many different facets, such as SEO, PPC and CRO, it is essential to work with other experts as part of a team. It is the biggest advantage of being part of an agency.


It is just over five months away, but we’re already excited about competing in Total Warrior. Another ten of us are riding the bus down to support the team and/or laugh at their expense. Watch this space for more information about our fundraising efforts and how our training is helping us become Total Warriors.


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