Top 3 Trends In Digital Fashion

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As digital shopping continues to thrive amongst consumers, retail businesses are experiencing growth like never before. The industry itself has undergone a massive transition, as brands understand the importance of knowing what their customers want and need when shopping online.

With technology continuing to develop at a rapid rate and changing the way people interact with businesses, there’s no option but to prepare for the consumer of tomorrow.

Mediaworks takes a look at some of the top trends that you should expect to change retail ecommerce throughout the coming months. The question is, are you ready to welcome them?

  1. Capitalising on cultural shifts

Shoppers this year are making purchase decisions with their emotions. This means that customers will be scrutinising your brand more carefully, which goes far beyond just the product or service you offer — think your own corporate responsibility and social consciousness.

For fashion retailers, you really need to be pushing your position on sustainability if you have one. If you’re not quite there yet but are looking at ways to become eco-friendlier, your customers will be pleased to hear this.

  1. Pushing products proactively

With the likes of Amazon Prime becoming an integral part of our lives, shoppers are now expecting delivery rates to be two-days as a standard. We’re not talking shipping by drones, we’re talking proactive product marketing and enhanced supply chain solutions.

If you’re pushing a specific product — or know that there’s a popular event coming up — use this knowledge to properly manage your stock levels so you can ensure a quicker delivery process.

  1. Subscriptions are on the rise

You’ve probably noticed the increase of subscription-based services from a range of different brands, and they’re working. Customers love personalisation and if this is something that you can offer, they’ll likely become loyal and recommend your business to a friend.

Subscription services allow you to know exactly what a person wants and when they want it, while being able to deliver it straight to their door. This is every shopper’s dream!


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