Top Tips For A Successful Affiliate Program Launch

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When it comes to setting up an affiliate program, the process can seem daunting. Despite this, Mediaworks is here with some top tips on how to ensure a successful affiliate program launch!

Pick an affiliate network

There are a lot of affiliate networks available to work with, some which are better than others. There a pros and cons to each network, so it’s important that you carry out some research based on what your needs are, your location, what your current performance is, and your budget!

Establish terms for your program

Think about the terms you want to establish for your program, not the most exciting place to begin, but important to clearly state before any affiliates join the program.

Get tracking set up

Setting up tracking correctly is obviously important for tracking performance, but it’s also worth considering what variants you want to track outside of new and existing customer types.

Plan your commission structure

When setting up your commission structure you don’t want to limit yourself, an attractive commission level is a great thing to have when you’re recruiting for a new program. But your margins should always come first, pay what you think is appropriate and leave yourself some room to play with.

Have your assets at the ready

You don’t want to launch your program with no assets, when affiliates look at your program, they want to know that they’re good offers they can start promoting as soon as they join. Consider some exclusive deals for the channel from the launch date and make sure the details are readily available. Also have your affiliate creative uploaded and ready for affiliates to use as soon as the program is launched.

Start thinking about affiliates

Do some research into what affiliates are working with your competitors and which affiliates you think will work well with your brand. Pull together a list of who you want to work with and start to recruit as soon as the program is launched!

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