Tugging at your heartstrings: emotive content marketing

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Focus too heavily on your range of products and services and you run the risk of churning out the same-old content that has been done a million times before. You become blinkered and your creativity stunted — you’re unable to identify potentially brilliant concepts as a result of your preoccupation with keyword targets.
The trick to going viral is to generate content that users genuinely care about. No matter your industry, if you create a piece that triggers an emotion within your audience, your chances of success — as well as social shares — are significantly improved.
Here’s the content marketing projects which have caught our eye for all the right reasons…

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The Minimal Music Quiz

Concerthotels.com is the go-to place for leisure travellers, offering convenient hotel stays near to major stadiums, concert venues and theatres.

With the brand’s core offering in mind, the most obvious choice here would be to create a piece about the most successful tours or biggest crowds. While this would certainly convey information, this kind of idea is expected. Users may read and digest the information, but it’s unlikely to truly engage with them.

In comes The Minimal Music Quiz, an interactive that is quite clearly the brainchild of thinking outside of the box. Offering users a series of brainteasers in the form of minimalistic graphics, the quiz does exactly what it claims to do. It is simple, engaging and utterly addictive.

Since its release, the quiz has gained over 4,000 shares on Facebook alone and has achieved a number of links. Such success goes to show that simple ideas are sometimes the most effective. And for the record, I scored a rather impressive 38 out of 40, although it did take me a good forty-odd minutes!

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Idioms of the World

Hotel Club’s Idioms of the World project strikes the perfect balance of what content marketing should be: informative, engaging and simple, while still raising brand awareness. Accompanied by stylistically modest graphics, the piece provides information about popular phrases from different cultures and translates them to the English-speaking audience.

It really is amazing to see how successful such a simple idea has been. The Hotel Club blog post has been shared a total of 62,500 times on Facebook and nearly 2,500 times on Twitter. In addition, the graphics have featured on high-domain sites like Mashable and The Guardian, achieving 6,000 and 18,188 shares respectively.

The personal appeal of this project is what sets it apart. People naturally have a genuine interest in other cultures and, by keeping the graphics simple and text minimal, the brand appeals to our need for quick, easy-to-digest information.


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Famous Literature: Words by Numbers

A great example of thinking outside the box is Famous Literature: Words by Numbers, an infographic created by ink cartridge retailer, Cartridge Discount.

The piece takes a look at the word count of some of the world’s most famous literary works. By keeping it simple, the brand has opened itself up to niche audiences who may be interested in their services.

The piece performed incredibly well, featuring on sites like The Daily Beast and Shortlist.com. The graphic was also shared on the William Shakespeare Facebook page, attracting over 9,600 likes, in excess of 2,600 shares and a number of comments.

It is this kind of exposure that you should aim to achieve with your brand. If you are in a notoriously complex or competitive industry, you may find it difficult to continue to produce engaging and interesting ideas that will set you apart. When this happens, it’s time to go back to basics. Think outside the box: a loosely related yet still relevant content marketing project will almost definitely be more beneficial to you, your brand and your customers.

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