Why Twitter and Google’s latest venture is important for businesses

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As well as this, it is now also more crucial than ever to regularly monitor what’s happening on your Twitter account to ensure you are getting favourable search results for your brand and not seeing tweets being featured that are actually negative to your business.

The good news

The agreement between Google and Twitter means that a trending topic or a popular hashtag will very likely appear alongside the list of websites, images and news articles that we have come to expect when conducting a Google search.

Take NASA for example. Previously, if you searched for America’s space agency using the simple phrase ‘nasa’, the top search results included the organisation’s official website, a few social media portals (the agency’s Facebook and Instagram pages, for instance), the latest news regarding NASA activity and a selection of NASA logos.

Try the same search on Google Search on mobile devices that have adopted the new agreement — the partnership has initially launched on Google.com in English within the Google app on Android and iOS operating systems — and one of the first results you will see is a collection of recent tweets from @NASA.

Ardan Arac, a Senior Project Manager at Google, pointed out on the search engine giant’s official blog: “It’s a great way to get real-time info when something is happening. And it’s another way for organisations and people on Twitter to reach a global audience at the most relevant moments.”




The need for caution

While the new agreement is obviously great for getting your brand noticed more online, one of our previous blog posts demonstrates the pitfalls of social media.

With tweets associated with your brand likely to appear prominently when someone searches for you on Google, you should be more cautious than ever of being careless when tweeting or associating your company with controversial hashtags.

Of course, errors are human nature but the update should make you aware of the importance to closely monitor how your brand’s reputation is being perceived online. You wouldn’t want people to be put off your company just moments after they have searched for your name on Google, right?

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