Understanding the customer experience lifecycle

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Whatever sector you find yourself operating in — you must have a clear understanding of the customer experience lifecycle. Not only will this be sure to help your business achieve any financial objectives, but it will also allow you to create lasting relationships with your target audience.

You must consider this across all areas of your marketing campaign, too. Whether you’re a leading retail business or an SME looking to enhance your online presence, engagement is crucial to success.

The Four Steps of the Lifecycle

The linear model, which was used to ensure a purchase at the end of a customer’s journey, has now been transformed to prioritise retention and continuous interaction from the consumer. This more modern practice looks at four key areas to help businesses achieve more effective results:

  1. Wide Engagement —it’s important that you know what your audience wants and where they want it. Your consumer has much more freedom than ever before and your business should be offering an on-demand service that removes any pressures throughout the purchase journey.
  2. Personalisation — more consumers expect a tailored service from brands that use accurate data to properly target them with what they need through exceptional marketing campaigns. Having an understanding of your customers on an individual basis will allow you to build a trusted relationship with them.
  3. Build Trust — consumers have much more choice than ever before, whether this is on the high street or online. You need to give them a reason to shop with you and not your biggest competitor. In a world of digital alternatives, where shoppers can’t physically try products, your business must look at innovative ways
  4. Valuing Your Customer — your customer has made a purchase and now it’s time to show them that you’re thankful. This part of the customer experience lifecycle does not stop, and if you show your audience that you value them, they will continue to shop with your brand.

What Your Brand Can Do

Enticing customers on a level that makes you stand out from your competitors is all about creating meaningful relationships.

Begin by developing a unique personality and voice for your brand. This will allow consumers to become more familiar with your business and will show that you’re more interested in having a conversation with them rather than just showing them marketing materials.

When it comes to your marketing materials, you must tailor them specifically to each member of your target audience. Your customer expects that you recognise them as an individual, so it’s important that you make that moment last and target them through preferences and purchase history to ensure appropriate results across your business.

As well as this, you should be looking at creating more memorable experiences with your customers — ones that they aren’t afraid to share with their friends. Whether this is through a core focus on UX across your website or by making use of new artificial technology on your app. Give yourself that competitive edge!

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