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Anthony Nolan register

At Mediaworks, we pride ourselves on doing our bit for charity. The last few months have seen us drenched in icy water for the ice bucket challenge and sporting some manly moustaches for Movember, all in the name of raising a few pounds. However, our latest endeavour called for an altogether different kind of donation!

At Christmas, I decided to sign up for the Anthony Nolan register.

Registration takes ten minutes and requires nothing more than a saliva sample — spitting into a test tube basically — and that’s it: you’re on the list and could be the life-saving cure for someone who needs a stem cell, bone marrow or cord blood transplant.

A quick scan of the office got me thinking. What if other people hadn’t heard of the blood cancer charity, or simply hadn’t got round to signing up? A quick email returned another 11 people who were eligible and willing. Seeing everyone tap their details in was a pretty great feeling.

We’d like other businesses to follow our example and host their own drive to encourage new donors. Be the instigator in your office and send an email around. While you’re at it, share what you’ve done on social media — let’s spread the word about the Anthony Nolan register!

For more information and to sign up today, visit anthonynolan.org.


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