Location: Where Should You Be Putting Your Ad Spend?

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Business advertising methods have shifted over time in a bid to keep up with the digital advancements the world is now facing. From newspaper advertising to renting a billboard space, organisations are now able to target specific groups of people online, and with research suggesting that 86% of consumers now use the internet to find local businesses, it’s a channel that shouldn’t be left untouched.

A successful marketing campaign is a result of balanced investment — from both SEO and PPC perspectives. With 98% of searchers choosing to click on a business that is positioned on the first page, you need to make informed decisions that will ensure your placement at the top of any results.

To achieve this, geotargeting should become a core focus of your paid search engine marketing (SEM).

Logical targeting

You need to be smart about who you’re targeting to reduce the amount of spends on clicks that are not profitable at all. If your business only serves people in Newcastle, is there any point in targeting those that live in London? Probably not.

Franchises can also take advantage for geotargeting — even if they have locations scattered across the world. Users tend to be more responsive to location-specific advertisements rather than one that is targeted to their entire customer base.

Not only that, most businesses believe that any nationwide offers they have available are better targeted to the national market, but this isn’t always the case. Not all locations are created equal and some are considerably more profitable than others.

A common mistake made by advertisers is having maximum exposure — but the core focus should be maximum profit and revenue; something which can be difficult to achieve if not done by experts.

Businesses are competitive, especially when it comes to online advertising. Some advertisers try to add extra keywords or match types to try to capture a potential consumer searching in an unusual way or even run ads across the world to cater to a random person in a random location that finds interest in their products or services.

By removing this unnecessary measure and eliminating underperforming elements of a campaign, such as keywords and locations, you could see the profitability of your campaign increase. You shouldn’t be wasting your investment on clicks that have a low chance of conversions.

Targeting your relevant audience

There are two types of geotargeting that you should be looking at when it comes to having a high-performing search engine marketing campaign. These are e-commerce and lead generation — but how can you use their data to drive the best results for your business?

When working on a Google Shopping campaign, e-commerce geotargeting is essential for product listing advertisements (PLAs). Advertisers must understand that different products will perform better in different areas — buckets and spades will sell better in locations near the coast than those that are in the middle of the country.

On the other hand, lead-generation campaigns are all about tracking the actual sales and revenue inside AdWords, but a lot of businesses fail to do this, which means data compilation is needed to identify locations that are performing the best. Once you gain an insight into this type of information, you will be able to create a spreadsheet that clearly states where sales are coming from which you can use to tailor campaigns.

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