Pay-per-kick World Cup advertising: How it affects paid ads

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It’s less than a month before the World Cup kicks off in Brazil, and as one of the biggest events on the sporting calendar, it’s something most advertisers want to get involved with. Companies pay big money to become the official sponsors of the FIFA tournament, but their competitors also have an opportunity to stake claim in the market.

Adidas is an official World Cup sponsor and provides the match balls, but it’s their rivals – Nike – that has hit the headlines. The video for the brand’s Risk Everything campaign has achieved 62 million YouTube views within just two weeks, as the sports merchandiser strives to affirm its market dominance.

Sport brands vs. Everyone else

The World Cup doesn’t just affect sports companies though, as Google Trends shows an interest in “big-screen TVs” peaked at the start of the last tournament. This year, Currys is already trying to cash-in on the expected increase in search volume with a promotion that gives buyers £10 off selected TVs with every England goal scored.

Search volumes for “big screen tv”

Plus, before the England v. Algeria World Cup match in 2010, the Google SERP ads were mainly for betting websites, but Domino’s Pizza spotted a gap in the market and decided to advertise its services. What better way to spend the evening than watching the football with a pizza?


Choosing your tactics wisely

England vs. Algeria ads


If you want to make the most of increased interest in your products or services during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, there are a couple of important tactics to employ.

Firstly, if you have day-parting on your campaign, you should reconsider your budget allocation: Google revealed that, in many countries, search volumes during 2010 World Cup games dipped between kick off and full time, except for a spike during half time.

Google searches during World Cup matches


Also, mobile paid search is getting more dominant, and has increased significantly since the last World Cup. Ease and speed of access means viewers could be using mobile to search for Ronaldo’s boots or the latest England kit at half time or even during the game. You should therefore focus on targeting mobile users directly and optimising mobile-specific landing pages.



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