Google Updates: What to Expect and What to do

Did you know that there are over 500 Google Updates and Algorithm changes per year? Some minor but also some very major updates which can affect your rankings! (Remember the Penguin update?)

No-one quite knows what Google ranks as factors in their updates, but we do know based on recent updates the likes of domain, on-page and off-page factors can be considered for any sudden changes to search rankings.

Don’t worry though, Google’s aim isn’t to punish your website but simply to improve the search experience for the user. However, knowing what the update entails and when it is happening can help you understand any changes to your rankings or organic traffic.

Join our Head of Search, Kev Strong where he will guide you through some of the major updates Google have rolled out of the years as well as how to keep ranking in Google in 2019.

Discussion points include:

  • Key points in Google’s ranking factors
  • The different types of Google Updates that will and won’t affect your rankings
  • What to do with your SEO strategy after an update

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