Your Online Reputation Management – Check It Out and Clean It Up

Did you know that you and your brand are at risk with your Online Reputation Management? You’re at risk of losing 22% of online business if there’s one negative article on page 1, and triple that if there are four or more negative articles present.

When bad things happen to your brand, you’ll need an effective reactive strategy in place to deal with the impact. Or, even better, you can proactively safeguard your company before it even happens.

Whether marketers believe Online Reputation Management should be addressed and actioned or not, managing it can help you regain control of your brand’s online image.

Join our Head of Search Kev Strong at 12pm on Monday February 11th, where he will drill down how to check out and clean up your brand’s reputation online.

Discussion points include:

  • The most common brand threats online today.
  • How to proactively analyse threats to reduce the impact that they can have on your brand.
  • How to track brand searches and clean up any negative search results.

To watch this webinar click here.

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