April 06 2020

Your Home Is Your Castle – Home & Garden Marketing Strategy Trends

See our top 5 latest trends to help you adapt your marketing strategies for the current climate, whether you have a business in the home or garden sector. Understand more around the opportunities for your brand in messaging, channels and innovation.

For further details on our home & garden marketing strategy trends, download PDF: Mediaworks-Marketing-in-a-Crisis-Home-Garden

1. Clicks and mortar

It’s easy to see how some brands may have neglected their online presence as over 60% of audiences prefer bricks and mortar to online when it comes to buying DIY supplies. Online sales will pick up for this sector as consumers avoid public spaces, therefore the UX and experience of your website becomes even more important than ever, especially as many people will be visiting for the first time.

It’s not just about that all-important path to purchase though. If you’re a retailer of premium home goods, your online experience needs to reflect this. Expert personal advice and assistance, a premium look and feel and brand storytelling can contribute to the overall experience the consumer has with your brand.

2. Turn how-don’ts into how-do’s

Purchasing isn’t the whole journey though, nearly one third of consumers feel they don’t have the necessary knowledge to carry out DIY tasks. Educate people through video or animated how-to’s and give them information about your products so they have the confidence to do-it-themselves.

With increased consumption of online TV (22% Gen-X & 34% millennials) and social media (23% Gen-X & 37% millennials), these are key channels we can utilise when reaching these audiences.

3. Gardens are growing in importance

With social distancing and self-isolating restricting time in public spaces, gardens are growing in importance.  Support audiences during peak times of restriction with educational content and supplies to help them become green fingered.

We may see more nuanced trends around people regaining paved or concreted spaces in favour of greenery or even veg patches so we can avoid supermarket hysteria and educate children.
It’s not just gardens though, many people only have access to a balcony or window box so don’t forget they’ll want to make the most of these spaces too.

4. Eco-friendly is a millennial mindset

Eco-friendly and sustainability are trends across most sectors and it’s particularly prevalent in Home. 20% of millennials have included eco features, fabric or technology in recent renovations, which could be a big opportunity while this audience is particularly active.

It doesn’t have to be about aesthetics either. Educate audiences on how wool and cork insulation is better for the environment, or how not all wooden flooring is ethically claimed.

For smaller businesses, locality and community are also key, with two thirds of millennials saying they expect to shop with more small businesses in future.

5. Help people decide

Despite Instagram and Snapchat filters, AR has never fully made it up Gartner’s Slope of Enlightenment. Big players like Ikea and Dulux have apps that allow consumers to 3D visualise a product in their home, however they don’t appear to have been a key part of their business strategy.

This might change with people being reluctant to go to busy shopping spaces, but also wanting to spend more on their homes. It doesn’t have to be full investment in AR solutions to help
home buyers visualise your product though.

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