Fentimans partnered with Mediaworks to accelerate their brand impact online as they diversify its supply chain. The goal of the premium drink brand was to compete in search rankings against their competitors, improve brand searches and increase organic search visibility across their products.



Increase in brand impression across Google Search Console



Increase in search visibility within 9 months



Incremental annual site visitors driven from increased organic rankings



Increase in brand impression across Google Search Console

Fentimans is a premium beverage manufacturer specialising in botanical brews. The family business has existed for over 100 years, supplying premium products through trade and international retail distribution.

Fentimans partnered with Mediaworks to accelerate the impact of their online brand. Following a series of global lockdowns there was a growing demand for drink recipes, cocktail shakers and a surge in premium mixer sales coming direct from at home consumers in a marketplace traditionally dominated by trade enquiries. This growing demand offered an opportunity for drinks brands to move first and own the conversation in the rapidly growing at home premium drinks market.

Mediaworks started by researching and segmenting the new market’s target audience into three key personas: Time-Poor Goal Chasers, On-The-Go Experiencers and Student Savers.
To increase awareness of Fentimans through a cocktail and mocktail focus, The Fentini Club was created, a content piece that would allow consumers to identify exploding trends and timeless classics.

Focusing primarily on driving high-quality links to the client’s website from sites with high domain authorities, this would, in turn, pass authority to the Fentimans website and increase its rankings for highly competitive keywords.

A priority was to ensure cocktails that used Fentimans sodas and mixers within the recipe ranked highly in search visibility for key terms associated with the at-home premium drinks market. This positioned Fentimans as experts within the cocktail and mocktail recipe landscape providing fun, useful, and relevant content for users, while placing Fentimans front of mind as the go-to brand for mixers.

Mediaworks then began targeting the search queries of these key personas by creating timely, engaging, and seasonal content hubs that could be placed on leading publication websites.
In producing a series of unique content hero pieces, based on trending engagement in the industry and within the focus of cocktail mixers, this increase in demand provided the opportunity to boost the client’s awareness to capitalise on very high demand.
Mediaworks developed on-site content around Fentimans cocktail category, combining a range of Fentimans premium drinks with both premium alcohol and non-alcoholic options to produce and place articles including “Spicy Margarita”, Exploring The Drink Of Choice At The Right Time Of Year, and Boozy Vegan Cocktail Recipes You Must Try, aligning Fentimans to wider demographics in the Veganuary content calendar.

Mediaworks increased the brand awareness of Fentimans by placing informational content in leading publications to an estimated online readership of 12.9 million, leading to a 79% increase in brand impression according to Google.

By placing these content pieces in premium publications alongside a targeted SEO strategy, Mediaworks increased the search visibility of Fentimans by 56% in the first nine months, putting the brand alongside its key competitors.

Fentimans enjoyed increased visibility to page 1 for critical search terms including “premium tonic”, “ginger beer”, “tonic water”, and “cocktail lemonade”, while Fentimans was placed on page 1 for 21 target keyword rankings to drive an additional 13,3000 targeted users to their website each month.

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