MEDICAL PROTECTION: Global brand transformation

The Medical Protection Society is the world’s leading protection organisation with over 300,000 doctors, dentists and healthcare professional members. We harness customer and market insight to develop brilliant campaigns and exceptional experiences across their whole portfolio.​​



Increase in student recruitment



Creation and re-launch of B2B offer



Brand new campaigns created for global markets



Increase in student recruitment

From global campaigns to recruiting undergraduates, hyper-targeted B2B campaigns and retention activity for existing members and UX design and testing for websites.

Our brief has been to bring new energy and vigour into MPS advertising whilst preserving brand integrity and working to strict brand guidelines.

We work across the UK and global businesses working with the senior marketing teams.

We work straight from commercial objectives to formulate campaign and product propositions, channel plans and creative toolkits, that can then be rolled out in market.

Our work with Medical Protection has seen significant increases in recruitment and positive feedback in-market where MP needed to re-establish presence.

We also work with MPS Partnerships, their B2B product offering, where we have created a new brand identity, campaigns and sales collateral as well as activating this activity with hyper-targeted Linked In media.

The Mediaworks team pitched a strong strategic approach combined with brilliant creative execution. They understand our business, our markets and our audiences and have exceeded our expectations of what an agency partner can bring. They will play a fundamental role in improving the way we communicate and engage with members

Sharon SmithHead of Brand and Marketing

Digital Future - Content Marketing Platform



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