2017 saw a change to regulations that allowed open competition in the retail water supply market. Since then, strengthening customer service both on- and off-line is a priority across the industry. Yorkshire Water — part of Kelda Group — operates over 700 water and sewage treatment works and 120 reservoirs. It also supplies 1.24 billion litres of drinking water to homes and businesses across Yorkshire each day.


With a population of over 5 million, clear and rapid communication with customers is key. Where in the past traditional telephone-based methods were used for customer service, Yorkshire Water is implementing digital technology to help improve the overall experience. If a customer wants to pay a bill, they can do so in a few clicks. If they want to find answers to their queries, they can do so easily on-the-go.

Yorkshire Water partnered with Mediaworks to help re-shape their digital presence. This included full a full review of the current web platform, assessing performance and customer sentiment. We then tested and implement changes that would improve the overall level of customer satisfaction.

We carried out behavioural analysis, which ranged from tracking customers clicks, taps and mouse movements through to customer polling. We aligned these findings with internal data related to call volumes and queries in an attempt to optimise the conversion rate.

Pages were re-designed with the customer journey and user intent in mind. For example, the most important content or relevant call to actions were included towards the top of the page. This helped customers quickly find what they are looking for. The copy was retargeted to convey information clearly, increasing the channels of communication for customers.

All of these pages were tested to give statistical proof that the changes would improve levels of customer engagement and satisfaction. Overall, 72% of customers said the improved pages were good or very good. This work is part of an ongoing wider project between Mediaworks and Yorkshire Water focused on customer experience through digital transformation.


The team at Mediaworks have brought a fresh way of thinking to our digital communications strategy. The passion and commitment of the team to improving the customer journey and user satisfaction has given us a significant uplift in customer transactions.


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