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February 22 2022

MW104 | Is Organic Social Alive and Kicking? Make Organic Social Work for your Brand in 2022

Organic social media is a minefield for brands – where does it sit in your marketing ecosystem? Is organic reach dead? What platforms work best for organic strategies?
February 15 2022

MW103 | Digital PR Campaign Planning: Increase Your Competitive Edge in Brand, Reputation and Organic Search

PR has evolved. More than two thirds of individuals now read or download their news online. Concurrently, a growing majority of the population are becoming increasingly sceptical of social media news leading to an increasing importance and readership of trusted digital news sites.
February 08 2022

MW102 | The Sound of Success: 5 Ways to Make More Noise with Your Brand

The dial is being turned up on the impact of audio marketing as the adoption of digital audio platforms continue to skyrocket. Savvy marketers are following consumers by turning their attention to audio channels.
February 03 2022

MW101 | Fuelling International and Borderless e-Commerce Growth – Overcoming the Challenges of Brexit and COVID-19

Consumer behaviours are changing at a dramatic pace. Today’s emerging generation Z shoppers are exceptionally shrewd. Not only do customers casually shift allegiance between brands and freely switch between shopping platforms, but they are also increasingly aware of supply chains and comfortable in sourcing products from the other side of the planet.
February 01 2022

MW100 | A Practical Guide to Video Marketing

The accelerating power and impact of video marketing has been well documented. However, 84% of marketers still perceive video as the most difficult content to create.
January 25 2022

MW099 | 5 Digital Experiments That Will Transform Your Business in 2022

This year, marketers will face an increasingly competitive digital landscape as they juggle the need to adopt emergent technologies with the shifting behaviours of their pandemic-impacted audiences.
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