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November 16 2023

MW160 | Google Performance Max: A Guide for B2B Marketers

When Google launched Performance Max in 2022, the technology giants primary focus was on educating and increasing adoption of ecommerce marketers.
November 01 2023

MW159 | Halloween Marketing Horrors!

Welcome to our Halloween Edition of the Mediaworks Digital Masterclass where we’ll unmask the scariest marketing faux pas! Just like in the haunting tales of Halloween, these bone-chilling blunders become the stuff of nightmares, leaving indelible scars on the marketers involved.
October 17 2023

MW158 | The Art and Science of Website Excellence

Your website is more than just a digital platform; it serves as the cornerstone of communications with all of your stakeholders.
October 09 2023

MW157 | Step Into Christmas!

Join us for the 'Mediaworks Masterclass: Step Into Christmas,' your go-to seasonal podcast for actionable seasonal marketing insights. This week our expert panel have discussed the glittering opportunities of the festive season, explored the shifts they’re seeing in consumer buying behaviour, and shared their campaign advice for marketers looking to sleigh their way to success. This year tune in and master the art of making your marketing glitter and sparkle!
September 06 2023

MW156 | Decoding Black Friday Success

Black Friday weekend is still the busiest e-commerce period of the year. Last year, Black Friday deals eclipsed Cyber Monday by over 50%, breaking £9 billion in sales.
July 18 2023

MW153 | Mastering the Art of Cultural Moments: How to Make Your Communications Cut Through

We find ourselves amidst a summer filled with unforgettable sporting events - the British Grand Prix, The Ashes and Wimbledon have us captivated, and we still have the Women's World Cup and Rugby World Cup on the horizon. As the media fixates on these and other cultural phenomena, including those that aren't sports related, how do we as marketers take advantage?
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