February 21 2024

MW164 | Leveraging The Power of Multimedia Content

This Mediaworks Masterclass is dedicated to Video, 3D and FOOH (that’s Faux Out of Home) and the amazing effects you can achieve, even on a smaller budget.

Join our experts as they share their secrets to success, showcasing how creativity and technology can come together to produce breathtaking results.

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April 29 2024

MW166 | Rank & Rise: How To Elevate Your SEO Strategy

In this Mediaworks Masterclass, we tackle the current challenges facing SEO, including the impact of algorithm changes and high keyword competition, and adapting strategies for voice search and AI. We discuss evolving trends like machine learning's influence on SEO, Core Web Vitals, and the growing importance of E-E-A-T. Plus, we explore what is to come in the future of SEO, how businesses can prepare, and the role of automation.
March 21 2024

MW165 | Find Your Social Media Mix and Build Your Online Presence

In the world of digital marketing, social media stands as a cornerstone, yet maintaining a fresh and innovative approach can be challenging.