2011: The Year of Record Client Retention & Growth for Mediaworks

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Record Client Retention & Growth for Mediaworks

In a year that has saw record client retention, Mediaworks are pleased to announce that three of our most cherished clients, Hayes Garden World, Traidcraft and Beecham Peacock have continued their impressive online marketing campaigns with us for yet another year, but why have they decided to do so?

Mainly it comes down to the inexhaustible efforts of Mediaworks and its team, but also because the three companies have experienced incredible growth since starting one of our bespoke search engine optimisation campaigns; We are continually improving upon Hayes Garden World’s core keyword argets with continual first page rankings, Traidcraft have seen a 34% rise in organic non-brand traffic year on year and Beecham Peacock have doubled their longtail traffic in just one year, which isn’t bad by anyone’s standards.

Steve Close, Client Relationship Manager for these clients, is particularly pleased with the results, he said: “The best thing about their success is how appreciative the companies have been of our hard work and, trust me, there has been a lot.

“That’s because all three clients are working in incredibly competitive markets and that makes their keywords incredibly competitive too. Just imagine how many people are searching for Christmas Trees, Fair Trade and Personal Injury Solicitors each year and to get just one of them to page one is an achievement but to get all three is something else. I think it’s a real testament to the team here.

“Yet Mediaworks can’t take all of the credit,” Steve said. “A great deal must go to clients themselves who were keen to take on board our recommendations, make changes where suggested and trust that what we were doing was in their benefit and when all those elements are there you can’t stop us.”

So looking onto 2012 we expect to see a great deal more success from these fantastic clients and we are looking forward to building even stronger relationships as we move into the future.


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