5 Steps For Improving E-commerce Performance This Christmas

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1. Analyse your Black Friday and Cyber Monday performance

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping period is a great way to test your e-commerce performance ahead of Christmas. You can test which products sell best, which ads have worked well and what strategies failed.

For Mediaworks, Black Friday and the week either side was an incredibly busy time with early starts, late finishes and incredible returns on investment as we helped our clients experience record success. We saw incredible performance across all of our e-commerce clients, with ROI’s as high as 3,000% and revenues generated into the tens of thousands. There was also incredible performance across paid search, shopping campaigns and incredible use of social to generate not only a buzz around brands but huge sales too. As such, our clients can expect similar strategies in the run-up to Christmas.

2. Set-up Christmas and Boxing Day specific PPC campaigns

Christmas isn’t just a shopping opportunity, it’s also a traditional holiday that taps into people’s emotions. Building specific Christmas campaigns is a must – and you can tailor your PPC campaigns to maximise seasonal spending by leveraging people’s festive feelings. Here’s how:

Increase your ad budget: Christmas is the most competitive time of year. Boost your budgets on the products you want to push if you want to capture sales.

Don’t focus on the large corporations: Your e-commerce site can flourish regardless of your size, as most people are more likely to buy from a new company in the run up to Christmas thanks to a number of factors: from buying products they wouldn’t usually get to stock availability.

Seasonal ad copy: Your ad copy should be geared towards the season. Tell people about the benefits of your offers, such as next day delivery, limited time offers and Christmas discounts. Using ad extensions to enrich your offer is vital. Think of it this way: your ad copy is your first and last attempt to bring a desperate Christmas gift buyer to your site. What can you say to attract them?

Build seasonal landing pages: Like your ad copy, the page your customers land on should reflect the seasonal deals you’re offering. A festive category page that has all the relevant offers you’re promoting in one place is a great way to increase the basket value as a customer comes to your site and discovers all the great deals you’re offering.

Remarketing: Like a generic PPC campaign, dynamic remarketing will help bring people back to your site on any device and increase the chance of conversion.

Don’t forget about Boxing Day either, as it’s a great time for e-commerce retailers. Market any sales or discounts you’ve got on to customers using the tips above. Don’t think it’s important? As an example, searches for ‘apparel’ were up 55% on Boxing Day compared to the rest of the year last time around.

3. Market products at last-minute buyers

Now that we’ve passed Black Friday and other sale seasons, anyone who hasn’t got their Christmas shopping in will now start to panic buy. As more shoppers begin to look online rather than brave the shops, you need to spell out why they should shop with you. Fast delivery, high stock availability and great customer service are all USP’s that might get you the customer’s business.

4. Be clear with your stock and shipping policies

A customer’s main buying decision pre-Christmas is ensuring if a product will reach them in time. If you offer free delivery, fast delivery or anything in between, you should promote it. You should also be open and honest with your customers – don’t hide stock levels and let people know how many of an item you have left. There are few things worse than disappointing a customer who has paid for an item and you can’t deliver it before Christmas.

5. Mobile is massive

As we’ve said time and time again, mobile compatibility isn’t just advised – it’s a requirement. October saw mobile usage overtake desktop, and this trend will only continue. Your ads and campaigns should be optimised for mobile.

Looking into 2017

Christmas is a busy shopping season, but you’ve also got next year to think about. Mobile will continue to grow in popularity and power as Google trials its mobile-first index, so ensure your website is as optimal as it can be when viewed on mobile devices. It’s also forecasted that loyalty schemes and individual-led offers will help smaller retailers stand out among the Amazon and eBay giants.

From all of us here at Mediaworks, we wish you a very merry Christmas. For any last-minute help with your campaigns, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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