Google Kills – Digg Banned from Google

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It was reported earlier that has been de-indexed in Google search results and sure enough, this is the case.


As you can see, is nowhere to be found for a search for its own domain name.

A tweet by Matt Sawyer of tweeted earlier:

Whether this is a causative de-indexation for Digg confirming they were to build a Google Reader replacement following the announcement by Google that they were to shutting down the Google Reader service on July 1st 2013 is something of mass-speculation amongst the digital community at the moment.

At one point in time, was one of the most popular social sites on the web, thanks to its innovative take on social news. Nowadays, Digg doesn’t have quite the same pull that it once did, but it still is a force to be reckoned with.

As recently as last year, Quantcast estimated around 3.8 million monthly unique visits in the U.S – a lot of which came through Google.

As of now, everything that is being circulated is pure hearsay, but there are a number of reasons that this may have happened.

  1. One possible explanation is that it is an SEO penalty for links, which appears to be the main reason that brands are getting de-indexed by Google – evidenced by penalties by Google to Interflora, and even warnings given to the Beeb (BBC) itself, suggesting that the same may also be true of Digg.
  2. Google appears to be continuously increasing their grip on SEO, low quality links in particular. The fact that big sites are getting penalised may suggest that Google are aiming to set an example, and sending out a warning signal that they are getting better and better at finding bad links.

As of now, all we have is rumours and speculation, but we will bring you the latest information as and when we get it.


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Julie Cheung @juliecheung

Digg banned from Google?… via @searchmartin


Lisa Barone @LisaBarone

LOL RT @davesnyder this is the most viral digg has been in a long time


John Doherty @dohertyjf

Digg doesn’t have a robots.txt file. What’s up with that?



Dr. Peter J. Meyers @dr_pete

I sense that something happened. Not sure what, but it rhymes with “Fig fanned by frugal.”#diggstillexists #whoknew


Possible reasons by the experts:

BY –

My guesses on why Digg got slapped:

  • They got TONS of links and a million people linking to their site in a day.  This is a site with a lot of links in the past but not a whole lot of recent links.  Then all the sudden a million links from a TON of sources started linking to them.  Google’s algo slapps them and causes a manual review.
  • They finally got caught for buying links!
  • In the past people had gone to link networks to buy links to their bio pages, these networks finally got slapped with the latest update.  Tons of links from bad sites were pointing to Digg, they got slapped.
  • Shady link building
  • Link networks finally catching up with them cause of them or their users buying links
  • “sex capsules” is their 10th highest anchor text with 100′s of links
  • Google going hard on Duplicate Content


Could it be that they are doing advertorial content as the 4.0 opened to greater monetisation as mentioned below.

The service saw much of its userbase leave after the fateful ‘Digg 4.0’ update, which stripped away much of its social aspects and opened the door for greater monetisation.


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Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s WebSpam Team, has clarified why was dropped on Hacker News:

This has nothing to do with Reader. We were tackling a spammer and inadvertently took action on the root page of

Here’s the official statement from Google: “We’re sorry about the inconvenience this morning to people trying to search for Digg. In the process of removing a spammy submitted link on, we inadvertently applied the webspam action to the whole site. We’re correcting this, and the fix should be deployed shortly.”

From talking to the relevant engineer, I think should be fully back in our results within 15 minutes or so. After that, we’ll be looking into what protections or process improvements would make this less likely to happen in the future.


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