Google AdWords unveils ad version history

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Writing PPC ads can be tricky, given the limited number of characters you have to pack in keywords, USPs, promotion details and calls to action. Often, capturing the interest of potential customers involves continual ad refinement to find the combination that drives the greatest results for your campaign. In fact, Google recommends creating three or four ads for each of your ad groups, creating different ad copy for each.

Now, Google AdWords is making comparing the performance of edited ads easier. When an ad is edited, AdWords creates a new version of the ad. Through the recently implemented version history feature of the tool, marketers can access previous versions of the ad and view the associated performance data.

AdWords users can find out about the date the ad was edited, how long the ad has been in place for and the differences between the ads. Alongside this, users can also view the performance of each version of the ads, in terms of clicks, impressions, cost per click and overall cost.

So why has Google rolled out this additional functionality? The comparison data gives users greater visibility of the types of ads that are driving visibility, clicks and conversions for their brand. By making more informed ad choices, campaign performance — and therefore user satisfaction — can increase. From Google’s perspective, this is beneficial, as it could potentially lead to a heightened ad spend.

How can marketers make the most of this comparison data? The feature allows marketers to better understand the impact changes to ad copy can have, while allowing them to learn from any mistakes they may have made.

However, remember that the performance of your PPC campaign is dependent on more than just your choice of ad copy. Consider elements like seasonality and keyword targeting when reviewing the comparison data to ensure your future campaign decisions are fully contextualised.

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