How Important Is SEO In Fashion in 2019?

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The way that we consume fashion has changed drastically in recent years. What once was an exclusive experience only held on the catwalk has become the ultimate online phenomenon. Today, the rise of online shopping and virtual experiences has granted us instant access to the latest looks, which has undoubtedly been positive for the industry as a whole.

In the UK, the fashion sector is worth around £23.3 billion. Online sales of the fashion retail market totalled 17% in 2018, and this is set to increase as the high street continues to face difficulties with an estimated 23,000 stores set to close in 2019.

As well as this, online fashion sales have been at their highest since 2013, up by 2000% in the last decade. In light of this, to say that brands need to shift their focus to the online market would be a massive understatement. Brands need to stop looking at the internet as something that is ‘just there’ and develop impactful strategies that can provoke conversions — something that can be achieved through search engine optimisation (SEO).

SEO Goals

In short, SEO helps a website increase their online presence by ranking higher in the search engine results page (SERP). With more visibility for their brand, this should result in more site traffic with the potential for greater conversions.

It’s crucial that SEO becomes an integral part of any digital fashion marketing campaign, to ensure that you’re driving enough awareness towards your brand, products and services. Consumer behaviour has undeniably shifted in recent years with the rise of online shopping and as a result, search platforms including Google and Bing have advanced their features to enhance the consumer-business relationship.

As reflected in the figures above, the fashion industry has become more competitive than ever before. By creating a sufficient SEO strategy, fashion brands are able to market themselves in new ways at a low cost that offers a great ROI.

With around 3.5 billion searches taking place on Google alone each day, SEO is an extremely valuable solution that must be integrated into any modern campaign if you want to remain successful. Through extensive keyword research and competitor analysis, ideally, brands should rank for search phrases that are aligned with their internal business objectives but also for searches that have a purchasing intent.

There are multiple ways that this can be achieved, whether it’s through website optimisation or outreach content creation and placements. Something that we do extremely well.

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